East Soccer Players Dominate All-Stars

Date Published: 
Syracuse Post-Standard

NEW YORK (AP)—Thomas Hennessey, right fullback for St. Louis University's NCAA champions, is the only non-Easterner named to the All-Star squad announced Thursday by the National Soccer Coaches Association.

The team:

Goal: Roger Curylo, Bridgeport; right fullback, Thomas Hennessey, St. Louis; left fullback, Helmut Poje, Brooklyn; right halfback, Michael Lonergan, Fairleigh-Dickinson; center halfback, Tony Martelli, Hartwick; left halfback, Myron Mura, Navy; outside right, Christian Ohiri, Harvard; inside right, Walter Schmotolocha, Pratt Institute; center forward, Winston Alexis, Howard; inside left, Al Hershey, Elizabethtown; outside left, Keith Van Winkle, Middlebury.