Third Match—Trinidad Loses

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette


The Clydesdale Team from Trinidad met a combined colony team yesterday [3/19/1908], in the third match of the series, and was wholesomely whipped to the tune of four goals to nil. The disparity between the two elevens was marked and yet it was hardly a case of the local team being the better so much as the Trinidad team being the worse. Conditions indicated against good football. The ground was sticky at the commencement of the game and rain fell during the first half. More rain came during the second half and neither side put up good football. But Trinidad's defence—the strongest section of her team—were hopelessly outclassed; the home forwards were too much fro them altogether. And the Trinidad forwards did not once get themselves together in serious fashion. Their halves put up the best of their game, and Hoadley, McCracken and Torrence worked hard. But it is discouraging work feeding forwards who throw away practically every opportunity [illegible]. The whole game was a disappointment. Judging the Trinidad XI by their performances on the previous day, and taking the home team at their paper valuation, the game should have been a lottery throughout with a maximum [illegible] of one all either way. But it was not. Trinidad held their own fairly well during the first half of play but, after the first goal, the home was never in doubt. Considering the fact that the Colony XI had not played together, their combination was marvellous; their trout string worked like a hook and they were fed with judgement by the halves. At back Mason played a [illegible] game and Peter Smith was better than he has been for the past fortnight. Crossley in goal did not suffer from overwork, but he was [illegible] when required.

The teams lined up as follows:—

Clydesdale: Todd; F. Brierly and Anderson; McCracken, Torrence and Hoadley; Eccles, Rochford, Gordon, Bullock and G. Brierly.

Combined Colony Team: Crossley, Mason and F. Smith; Abraham, Seedorff and Mulch; Mowart, Wishart, Ross, Slater and Thompson.

Referee: Sgt-Major Manly.

The Colony team kicked off and broke away at once through Thompson, but Brierly cleared and Hoadley soon had his hands full with right wing Eccles and Bullock, working together, gave Mason some work and Crossley had to save from the wing man. But within a quarter of an hour of the kick off, Ross opened the score with a hot shot at close range. Faulty defence work by Demerara in stopping G. Brierly and Bullock, led to a free kick taken by Torrence but nothing came of it and Eccles, running down again, could not get past Peter Smith. The second goal was put up by Mowart, who slammed in a magnificent shot, hot and strong, from the right wing. Todd did not have a look in. Half time was blown with the score 2—nil.

The home team got moving direct from the resumption and, Brierly and Anderson muffing feebly. Todd had to save from Thompson. Play was slung back to the other end of the field and Crossley punted out from a shot by G. Brierly. The third goal was a joke. Wishart, in the middle of a scrimmage in front of the visitors' goal accidentally kicked the ball without the remotest idea of shooting. It trickled gentry towards the goal mouth and Todd stooped to gather it up. He handled it and let it slip through his fingers, and it kept on trickling, till it reached the net. Thompson tried to put up the next goal from a pass from Slater, but shot wide. Shortly after he made another attempt, but Brierly came along in time to put him off his shot. In effecting a save, Todd carried the ball and a fould was given. Wishart took the kick both nothing came of it and the next spasm of interest was Mowart's encounter with Hoadley and Brierly. He might have ultimately turned it to account had he not been too slow in getting rid of the ball. Shortly before time, Mulch had to stop a really serious rush by Trinidad right wing. The fourth and last goal was from Wishart who sent in a fast low shot from the wing position. Todd threw himself full length at it but it beat him.

In view of the discomfort caused by rain yesterday the G.F.C. management have taken steps with a view to ameliorating any such inconvenience during the remainder of the matches. Temporary shelters will be erected as fast as possible the whole length of the ground, and it is hoped to have them up by this afternoon, when the Trinidad team will again meet Georgetown. The home team will be represented as follows:—

Crossley; Burch and Smith; Day, Seedorff and Norton, Dierden, Salmon, Slater (captain), D. Smith and J. C. Brumell.

There was a large attendance, His Excellency the Governor being among those present.