Inter-Colonial Football

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette


The following is taken from the "Argosy":—The Clydesdale Club Football team arrived from Trinidad accompanied by their president Mr. Tom Boyd, yesterday morning on the D.L.S. Statia. They met the light ship in time for the 4 o'clock tide and entered the river at 4.30. As the ship had gunpowder on board she had to wait at the Fort while it was landed. She then went up stream where she waited till mid-day before berthing. The team came ashore by boat at ten o'clock and were driven in a special tram car in 38, Main Street, the residence of Mr. A. Russell, the president of the Georgetown F.C. Mr. Russell was also a passenger from Trinidad by the Statia. There was a gathering of football enthusiasts at La Penitence [illegible]ing to welcome them, among the G.F.C. members being Messrs. [illegible] (Hon. Secretary) W. D. Slater (captain) P. Smith, D. Smith, Croegley, Paddenburg, etc.


There was quite a crowd on the G.F.C. ground at Bourda yesterday afternoon when the Trinidad men turned out for a kick. It is, of course, impossible to give any accurate estimate of their form from the more or less desultory p[illegible]ing to which they limited themselves, but in Gordon and Rochford they have two men at least who can shoot straight. In their first match this afternoon it is mroe than probable that they will be not a little disconcerted by the smallness of the ground which is 20 years less either way than their pitch on the Port-of-Spain savannah.

The teams for this afternoon's match will be as follows:—

Clydesdale Team: Todd; Anderson and F. Brierly; Legge, Torrence and Hoadley; Eccles, Bullock, Gordon, Rochford and Owen.

Georgetown F.C.: Crossley; P. Smith and Burch; Eward, Seedorff and Norton; Derden, Salmon, Slater, D. Smith and Brumell.

Referee: Sergt-Major Manly. Kick off at 5 p.m. prompt.

Last night at Mr. A. Russell's house in Main street, there was a reception for the visitors.

The first match which begins on Tuesday will be against the Georgtown Football Club, who issued the invitation responsible for the visit. The Trinidadians will find a team confident in its combination and improved form. The team selected to represent the G.F.C. will be: E.C. Crossley, goal; P. Smith, and G. Burch, backs; E. Norton, H. Seedoff and T. Ewart, half-backs; J. O. Brumell, D. Smith, W. D. Slater, H. Salmon, and W. B. Dierden, forwards.