Casuals Football Club

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

A well attended meeting of the Casuals Football Club was held on the 10th inst., it being the occasion of the club's first Annual General meeting. Mr. Alec Russell was elected to the Chair. The reports of the Secretary and Treasurer were read, that of the former officer relating to the number of matches played and the successful carrying on of the Club during the year. The balance sheet showed the club financially a success. The rules of the club were amended, the principal changes relating to the election of members which in future will be ballotted for before the General meetings only (each general meeting being held quarterly in November, February, May and August). A rule was introduced for the admission on the election of the Committee on payment of an annual fee of 60 cents of boys attending College or under 19 years of age, as Associates, such associates having however no voice in the management of the club. The following office bearers and committee were elected—President Mr. James Taylor, Vice-Presidents Mr. H. L. Knaggs and A. Russell, Captain F. Brierly, Vice-Captain J. Rochford, Secretary R. A. Swan, Treasurer Mr. G. Owen and Messrs. T. Jackson, G. Brierly and J. Hislop [correction, D. Anderson]. Mr. P. Luigi was elected a member of the club. A vote of thanks was passed unanimously to Mr. Russell for presiding and the meeting terminated.