Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

On the Clydesdale F.C. Ground yesterday afternoon, the first of the series of practice matches was contested between the "Reds" and "Stripes". It had been stated in the football notice which appeared in this paper yesterday that the teams were evenly matched. The team evenly matched, might have meant equality in point of weakness or vice versa for the game as played yesterday afternoon, was a poor exhibition, considering the object for which the practices were meant. In the first half time yesterday play was all but interesting; however, a goal was secured in that time in favour of Stripes. At the resumption matters brightened up a little, Stripes still having the best of the game, and at the call of time, had scored four goals to Reds one. Another point which needs some reference, is the noticeable blunders on the part of a few individual players in kicking at random, especially at the mouth of the goal; the ball is either sent over the cross bar or off side. Combination is another lacking quantity, and unless play in this department of the game is remedied, it is feared that our boys' chances in the Magnificent Province will be gloomy. It is reported that the Demerara are putting their best men on the field. In sending off our boys it is bound that success will attend them in the land of mud.