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Port-of-Spain Gazette

A Demerara Contemporary says:

It is now definitely known that the proposed team of footballers from the Clydesdale F.C. of Trinidad to visit Demerara will leave the island for this colony by the Direct Line streamer "Statia" on March 13, and will, in all probability, land on these shores on the 15. The first game, it is expected will be played either on the day following or on the 17. Whether the match will be against the G.F.C. or not has not yet been settled. The local mean continue to practice in preparation for the Trinidadians, and some of the players are getting into rare form. The last practice game was played only on Wednesday afternoon, and between the picked sides; and after an interesting game, in which some pretty and desparate football was witnessed, it ended in a draw. Another practice match will be arranged for tomorrow afternoon. At present the committee of three prominent footballers, the Captain and Vice-Captain of G.F.C. and the Captain of the Artillery F.C., are considering the selection of a combined team.