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Port-of-Spain Gazette

In the practice game of football contested on the Savannah yesterday afternoon between the "Reds" and "Stripes," the former played one man short, Anderson being the absentee. On the call for half time both teams were responsible for one goal each. On resumption, Reds at one time had things their own way, and within a few minutes had added a second, and then a third goal to their credit. Play at this stage was exciting, and by Adamson (stripes) attempting to turn the ball which was heading for Stripes defence—a splendid kick by Hislop—kicked it into his own defence, thereby causing a fourth goal to be registered in favour of Reds. This was however followed up by Stripes [illegible]ing their second goal for the [illegible]. The game resulted in favour of Reds by 4 goals to 2.