Inter-Island Football

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

The news came from Demerara through recent exchanges, that the Clydesdale team of footballers, invited over from this island to play a series of matches with the Demerara teams, will be leaving Trinidad for this colony by the Direct Line streamer "Statia", due to sail from here on March 12. Following is the proposed team and the reserves:

Messrs. J.H.L. Todd, D.M. Anderson, F. Brierly, Owen, R. Torrance, J.H. Hoadley, W. Adam, McCracken, R.A. Swan, W. Eccles, H. Bulloch, A. [illegible], J. Rochford, E. Legge and G. Brierly.

They are expected to stay in Demerara for ten days and during that time to play at least half a dozen matches, the first of which will probably take place on Friday, March 13.