Toros lose two starters

Date Published: 
Miami News

The Miami Toros will play the Philadelphia Atoms without two regulars tomorrow in the Orange Bowl, but the Toros may have two other injured players back in the lineup.

Difinitely out for the game are midfielder Alan Tinsley, who is wearing a brace on his left knee, and center forward David Proctor, who has a double hernia. The possible returnees are midfielder Esteban Aranquiz (ankle ligaments) and defender Selris Figaro (hamstring). Defender Rafael Arguelles and forward Warren Archibald appear ready for the Toros, who have lost four straight games.

The University All-Stars of Argentina will play Sporting Peru in a 6 p.m. preliminary to tomorrow's game in the Orange Bowl. Sporting Peru finished second in the 26-team South Florida Soccer League last spring.

The Argentine team is concluding a U.S. tour.