Lorie and Archibald are now a love story

Gene Williams
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Miami News

Toros: all's well that ends well

Angel Lorie rocked back in his seat and laughed aloud as Warren Archibald scored his second goal of the evening for the Miami Toros.

"I knew it," said Lorie, smiling. "I just knew Warren was going to make an ass of me tonight. But, I love it, love every minute of it. If he wants, he can make an ass of me again and again."

Archibald didn't do it again, but his two goals were enough to give the Toros a 2-0 regular-season-ending victory over the Rochester Lancers before a crowd of 5,102 in the Orange Bowl last night.

"I've got to admit it," said Lorie, the Toros' managing general partner. "Archibald is the best player in the North American Soccer League, bar none. I don't see how anybody could be better than he is."

It was obvious from Lorie's comments that he and Archibald were on much friendlier terms than a week ago.

A week ago yesterday, Lorie suspended Archibald and teammate Selris Figaro for missing a team meeting and a practice session. The pair was also fined $200 each.

"Ridiculous," said Lorie at the time. "They are being suspended because they missed a meeting and practice and because neither one of them has been giving 100 per cent to this team."

Archibald later apologized and was reinstated. Figaro is still under suspension.

"It's all over, finished," said Lorie. "We both said a lot of things in anger that we didn't mean. The important thing is, Warren came and said he wanted to play soccer again. That meant a lot to me."

After watching Archibald run circles around Rochester defenders, Lorie shook his head in amazement.

"This is the Warren Archibald I know," he said. "This is how he can play. There is nobody, but nobody who could say Warren Archibald is not giving 100 per cent tonight."

For his part, Archibald said he played his normal game.

"No man, I didn't do anything different tonight than any other night," he said. "I just went out and played soccer."

Asked if his troubles with Lorie were behind him, Archibald replied: "They told me everything is O.K., so everything is O.K."

Toros' coach John Young agrees.

"Everything is going back to normal now," said Young, who returned [illegible] Toros for the first time since coming down with he[illegible] three weeks ago. "[illegible] forget the whole thing [illegible] start thinking about the playoffs."

Last night's victory [illegible] keep the Toros' (8-5-6) [illegible] hopes of making the [illegible] playoffs alive. The Toros picked up eight points for the victory and now have 88 on the season.

Miami's closest competition for the wild card playoff spot are St. Louis (81 points, one game remaining) and New York (79 points, two games left).

"We would have like to have gotten nine points and put pressure on St. Louis and New York," said Young. "But the fellows gave it everything they had . . . and that's all you can ask."

Archibald's two goals — the first 18 minutes into the game, the second with three minutes left in the first half — put him back on top the NASL scoring race.

In 17 games this season, the tiny forward from Trinidad has scored 12 goals and had five assists for a total of 29 points.

That gives him a one point lead on rookie Kyle Rote Jr. of Dallas, who has nine goals and 10 assists for 28 points. Rote, however, has two game remaining.

"I told Warren before the game he was only three points behind Rote," said Lorie. "He told me he was going to pass Rote tonight and by golly, he did it. I think maybe I'll go down in the dressing room and kiss him."

Like the man said, he was loving every minute of it.

Miami          2 0—2
Rochester      0 0—0

Miami — Archibald (Seerey) 27:00
Miami — Archibald (Sharp) 42:00

Miami lineup — Montoya; Watson, Easton, Sadler, Arguelles; Sharp, Aguirre, Blascke, Ntsoelengoe, Seerey, Archibald

Rochester lineup — Campos; Traskowski, Mitchell, Lonardo, Short (Gallassin 52:00), Escos, Camacho (Metidier 57:00); Durante, Esposito, Odoi, Rymarczuk

Shots — Miami 14, Rochester 12.
Saves — Miami 8, Rochester 6.
Corner kicks — Miami 7, Rochester 8.
Fouls — Miami 5, Rochester 12.
Offsides — Miami 4, Rochester 5.
Attendance — 5,102.
Referee — deSalvatore.

[photo caption]
It only hurts for a little while Playing soccer isn't all fun and games, as the Miami Toros' Jim Easton demonstrates here during last night's game with the Rochester Lancers in the Orange Bowl. Easton (from top) yelps in pain as he collides with Rochester's Roberto Lonardo, holds his right leg and falls to the Poly-Turf. In bottom photo, Easton gets help from the Lancers' Paul Herrera. -Miami News Staff Photos by LEONARD PARNESS

[photo caption]
Slippery Poly Turf is Warren Archibald's downfall -Miami News Staff Photo by LEONARD PARNESS