Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

In the presence of a goodly number of onlookers, among whom there were a fair sprinkling of ladies, a return match—or the third of a series of trial matches, was contested on the Clydesdale ground yesterday afternoon, between the following teams, composed thusly, "Reds"—Gibbon (goal); D. Anderson, G. Owen (backs); E. Legge, A. McCracken, G. Rochford (half backs); G. Brierly, J. Rochford, A. Gordon, J. Bullock, W. Eccles (forward). "Stripes"—J. Todd (goal); H. Miles, F. Brierly (backs); D. Adamson, H. Hoadly, W. Adam (halfbacks); S. Harragin, F. Logie, Rooks, J. McLelland, Eckel (forward). Gibbon at goal and Eckel and Rooks forwards, filled the places respectively of Scandella, Mole and Hislop who were absent. Gibbon at no time seemed at home, and his defence was painful to watch. Stripes kicked off, and after several attempts Harragin succeeded in shooting the ball past Gibbon, thus notching the only goal in the first half time. Bullock is improving nicely, he attempted no less than three tries, which Todd frustrated. In the second half, two goals were however notched against the stripes by J. Rochford and Gordon respectively. Play on the whole was noticeable for lack of combination, and the passing was not of a standard to merit commendation. Scores:—Reds 2. Stripes 1.