Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

THE second of the series of practice matches, was played off on the Clydesdale football ground yesterday afternoon, between the "Reds" and the "Coloured." The latter on this occasion was without the services of Gordon, who, on the previous Saturday, had by his excellent timing and dash which he exhibited, been more or less responsible for the success of his side. Yesterday however, he donned the "red" and helped his side materially to vanquish their opponents by 4 goals to 1. The game yesterday was fast from start to finish, and when it was not many minutes old, Gordon succeeded in rushing the ball past Todd at Goal. F. Brierley, (Coloured) also did some fast work, and it was only by a narrow margin that he succeeded in saving what would certainly have been a goal. On the whole, the play was such as to delight the crowd, who cheered, when any player had showed brilliancy. The only change in the team, was Rooks (Coloured) for McLelland.

The players were, Reds—C. Scandella (goal), D. Anderson, G. Owen (backs), B. McCracken, Eckel, E. Legge (half backs), W. Eccles, J. Bullock, E. Gordon, J. Rochford, G. Brierley (forwards). Coloured—J. Todd (goal) F. Brierly, H. Miles (backs), Adamson. H. Hoadley, W. Adam, (half backs), Newbury, Rooks, J. Hislop, S. Harragin (forwards).