Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

It has been definitely decided that a team of footballers should visit Demerara in the early part of March next, so that great interest will be centred in the series of games now starting to give practice to those who will be finally selected. The first game will be played on Saturday 11th instant, at 4.30 sharp on the "Casuals" ground. Players are particularly requested to be punctual. The teams are as follows:

Reds—Goal—C. Scandella. Backs—G. Owen, T. Miles. Half backs—T. Coles, R. A. Swan, T. Dewhurst. Forwards—G. Brierly, J. Rochford, T. Bulloch, D. Anderson and W. Eccles.

Stripes—Goal—J. Todd. Backs—F. Brierly, H. Davis. Half-backs—D. Adamson, W. Adam, and J. Hoadley. Forwards—J. McLelland, E. Legge, S. Harrigan, J. Logie and T. Ironside.