Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

A game of football between teams representing respectively the Civil Service and Mercantile, was played off on the Savannah yesterday afternoon in the presence of a fair gathering of spectators. The game from start to finish was very fast, the players on either side playing with a noticeable amount of dash. But Todd at goal for the Mercantile, defied all efforts by his attackers to break into his defence. The first and only goal was eventually scored by the Mercantile team.

The players were Civil Service—Goal: T. Jackson, Backs: F. Brierly, G. Owen, Half backs: R. A. Swan, P. Gibbon, T. Coles, Forwards: H. Bowen, W. Harragin, J. Rochford, W. Eccles and D. Anderson.

The Mercantile Team—Goal: J. Todd, Backs: D. Adamson, H. Davies, Half Backs: J. Hoadley, F. Farian, W. Adam, Forwards: J. Ironside, B. McCracken, J. Hislop, C. Logie, and S. Harragin.