Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

A game will be played this afternoon between teams representing the Civil Service and the Mercantile respectively.

The Civil Service team will wear Red and will be as follows:—Goal: T. Jackson, Backs: F. Brierly, G. Owen, Half Backs: R. A. Swan, P. Gibbon, T. Coles. Forwards: H. Bowen, W. Harragin, J. Rochford, W. Eccles and D. Anderson.

Ther Mercantile Team (Black and White)—Goal: J. Todd, Backs: D. Adamson, H. Davies, Half Backs: J. Hoadley, F. Farian, W. Adam, Forwards: J. Ironside, B. McCracken, J. Hislop, C. Logie, and S. Harragin. Chairs will be provided for ladies.