Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

A game will be played this afternoon at 4.45 sharp on the "Casuals" ground between teams representing the Civil Service and the mercantile. The following will represent the Civil Service and will wear Red.

Goal T. Jackson, Backs, F. Brierly and G. Owen. Half backs T. Dewhurst, R. A. Swan, And E. Legge. Forwards M. Bowen, W. Harragin, J. Rochford, T. Coles and W. Eccles.

The Mercantile Team will wear Blue and White and will be as follows:—

Goal J. Todd. Backs F. Farian, J. Hoadley. Half backs B. McCracken, W. Adam, S. Harragin. Forwards: P. Gibbon, T. Ironside, J. Hislop, T. Logie, D. Anderson.