Northern Nomads Beat Corinthians

Date Published: 
UK Guardian

Northern Nomads 1, Corinthians 0

A splendid goal, the result of some excellent work by G. H. Smithies and a great shot by R. Huxley 27 minutes after the interval, enabled the Northern Nomads to defeat the Corinthians at Stalybridge on Saturday. The Corinthians, who were not at full strength, owed much to R. S. Grant, their goalkeeper, who was in brilliant form. In the first half he stopped fierce shots from Smithies and M. Griffiths, and in the second he save his side from a much heavier defeat. He was given strong assistance by W. H. L. Lister, J. E. McLaren, and W. T. Whewell. J. Johnson did well at left half-back, although he spoiled some of his work by sending the ball beyond the reach of his forwards, who finished poorly, although J. D. N. Kelly and H. Brogden were unlucky with shots which went a little wide when Jones was beaten.

The Nomads had two excellent defenders in W. H. Rogans and S. J. Hammond, and G. Grimshaw did good work at centre-half. The right wing, Smithies and Huxley, were the best of the attackers and Griffiths was a dashing leader, but T. H. Parker fell off after starting well.