Maple's Surprise FA Victory

Ruthven Baptiste
Date Published: 

THE FA trophy final between Maple and Forest Reserve at George V Park on December 19 turned out surprisingly to be a one-sided affair in Maple's favour.

Forest never lived up to expectations which arose after they defeated the southern favourites Point Fortin Civic Centre.

From the very start Maple took control of the game, playing fast or slow as the game suited them. Leading the Maple attacking was Godfrey Harris who was nicknamed by the crowd "Harris the Hare".

His hustling speed and ball craft were the highlights of the match. Every time he touched a ball there was danger written all over it and it became an automatic impulse on the par of his colleagues to pass the ball on the right wing.

It came as no surprise when in the 35th minute Harris sent Maple ahead.

Ellis Sadaphal picking up a stray ball in the penalty area, feinted to the right, slipped a neat pass through for Harris cutting in front of the right wing to collect cleanly and cannoned the ball into the net.

The second half came with Maple ahead with a slim one goal lead. In this session the game deteriorated into a dull routine until midway Ken Butcher, in an otherwise indifferent display, increased Maple's lead.

Then in the twilight of the match Selwyn Murren, the national stopper whose morale was broken by his team's inept performance, succumbed to one of Harris's body swerves.

Harris' shot rebounded from a defender, Corneal picked up and slammed the ball home. And so it was, all hopes for the F.A. trophy residing in the south this year were dashed by Maple's three-nil victory.