Hart League Players Come First

Keith Smith
Date Published: 

THE SPIRIT that enobles the Eddie Hart League could hardly be better demonstrated than with an account of an incident that took place during the Presentation function which marked the closing of the League last Sunday.

One of the officials who received a prize as a token of the League's gratitude, Clyde McDonald, took it and without hesitation gave it to a promising 17-year-old player, Clyde Phillips.

The point was well made—it is only in the topsy-turvy world of Trinidad sport that officials expect prizes and honorariums as 'payment' for their services.

Indeed one of the curses of this country's sport is the emphasis placed on officials to the detriment of the players themselves.

Not that the Eddie Hart League was skimping in regard to its players.

There is hardly a league in the country that gave out so many trophies and individual prizes as Eddie Hart's. Smaller wonder, then that the League attracted some 2,000 players with an incredible 538 games being played.

Addressing the gathering, League Secretary, Kenrick Thomas pointed out that the League had some difficulty in getting some teams to pay up their entrance fees—simply because of a lack of trust.

As he explained it: "We discovered that these players have been fleeced and exploited time and time again by various administrators of sports in the country, which has caused them to be very reluctant in taking any other."

Thomas called on the players to put some trust in the administrators of his League and gave assurance that they were seriously interested in seeing that the players "get the maximum benefit from sport."

Thomas called on the TFA to institute regular courses on refereeing throughout the country for referees, players and members of the public similar to the one that the League itself had organised with the help of the President of the Referees' Association, Mr. George Cumberbatch and Theo Joseph.

Maintaining that in any football League, the Juvenile League was the most important, Thomas also called on the TFA to institute a Juvenile League in the country.


Norman Williams—Sheffield United (Arouca)
Robert Joseph—Fulham
Ronald Woods—Second Spring
Victor McGill—Cipriani United (Morvant)
Williams Alexander—(Trincity Arsenals)