Football at San Fernando

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

A team of footballers from the city will contest a local San Fernando team to-day on the latter's grounds. The "Casuals" from the city will be represented by E. Legge (goal), F. Brierly and J. Hoadley (backs), McCracken, R. A. Swan (captain) and J. Logie (half-backs), G. Brierly, W. Eccles, J. Rochford, C. Coles and J. Sanderson (forwards). The San Fernando team will play D. McBride (goal), O. V. Gibbon and J. W. Simpson (backs), M. Johnstone, R. Johnstone and A. Dolly (half-backs), E. Sanderson, R. A. Torrance (captain), Romer Johnstone, J. Scott and A. Hope (forwards).