Georgetown vs. Clydesdale

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

A special committee is being appointed to select the combined team to represent Georgetown against the Clydesdale team of footballers which will come over from Trinidad next month, and it is hoped that soon the favoured ones will get to practise in earnest. But it is possible that the weather may interfere with all such preparations and then indeed, unless the men set to work in spite of rain and mud and slush, the team would be put ill prepared to meet the visitors. Since the receipt of the invitation from Georgetown F.C. the Trinidad men have been practising most assiduously, friendly game being arranged frequently with the men of the Dreadnought, and although it was generally conceded in the island that the sailors were the better team, the Clydesdale not only succeeded in drawing with them on more than one occasion, but actually played to victory in one match, which is evidence enough that the Trinidadians have taken the tour in earnest light and are determined to sweep everything before them. And if they get ahead of Demerara in the actual games as they have in the preliminaries, there will indeed be but poor chances of the local men's success. Therefore one should like to see as much earnest preparation for the visitors as it is possible to have. Nothing tells so much in favour of a team as the confidence possessed of each other, and that can only come through much practice together. It is a fact that has been exemplified in every tour of any picked team. Why, the last cricket tour of the West Indians would serve as a striking proof. It is understood that three games will be arranged with the combined team, one against G.F.C., one against the Artillery F.C., and a game will possibly be arranged against a Planters' team.

On Monday next the first of the practice matches in connection with the approaching visit of the Trinidadian Footballers, will come off, the opposing teams being one captained by Mr. E. C. Collier and a Colony team. The latter will be composed of:—P. Veecock, P. Smith, C. Richter, A. P. Jones, W. D. Slater, A. Evelyn, J. D. Greaves, W. Lambert, S. G. Wishart, J. Day and W. C. Thompson.—Argosy.