Football at San Fernando

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

If later on the game of football becomes one of the popular pastimes of the fold in the Southern Borough, the credit will be due to the efforts of Messrs. R. A. Torrance and Romer Johnstone who within late have got teams together on Paradise Savanna where these instructors are moulding some "raw recruits" into fairly good players. This afternoon "Bonnie Scotland" will engage "All Trinidad"—captained respectively by the names already mentioned. On the last occasion these two combinations met, the game resulted in a draw. At this afternoon's meeting Johnstone's team is being backed up heavily whilst Torrance's supporters see an easy win. The Casuals of Port of Spain have received a challenge from San Fernando, to visit them in town on Saturday next, the visitors will be: A. Turnbull, Max Johnstone, J. Simpson, Tom Scott, R. A. Torrance (Captain), A. McCalman, J. Campbell, F. de Gaunes, Romer Johnstone, Robert Johnstone, E. Sanderson.