Football Match at Paradise Savannah—San Fernando

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

AT 5 o'clock this afternoon there will be some fun at Paradise Savanna, San Fernando, when two local football teams will meet, each being sanguine we understand of defeating the other. They will be captained by Romer Johnstone, and R. A. Torrance, two notable men at the game. Johnstone's team will comprise J. Simpson, E. Sanderson, A. Doorly, J. McCalam, Robert Johnstone, J. Inniss, A. Proctor, A. Bonyun, Eric Thatcher and D. McBride. Torrance's team J. R. Scott, J. T. Thomson, J. Campbell, Max Johnstone, R. A. Hendy, C. Kernahan, A. Mews, C. Francis, A. Turnbull, Dr. Robinson.