Intercolonial Football

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette


The Intercolonial Football Tournament which was begun on Monday last at the St. Clair Oval between the members of the Georgetown Club and local devotees of football, came to an end yesterday when the visitors completely turned the tables on the home team and secured a well-merited victory by one goal. Yesterday's game, like its predecessors throughout the tournament was followed with rare keenness from start to finish and the fine football was much appreciated by the spectators. The Guianese fully deserved their victory for they had the better of the actual play throughout and the combination they displayed left nothing to be desired. Their forwards were quicker on the ball and gained possession more frequently from their backs, thus giving them (the backs) many favourable opportunities. On the other hand, the Trinidad forward line did not show that tremendous resource and energy which characterized it in the first match. Grell and Cipriani played a selfish game which proved disastrous for the side, whilst Sorzano was so anxious to get rid of the ball when it came his way, that he did not seem to care where it went. the home team's back division (Anderson and Maingot) displayed all their wonted vigour, but they received very little help from the half-backs who, unlike the previous game, never seemed anxious to go for the man with the ball. Taken as a whole the team gave a disappointing display and were probably very thankful when the referee's whistle announced the end.

The Demerara team left last night by the Canadian Steamer "Dahomé" having sustained three defeats and earned two victories in the tournament which has just come to an end abruptly, on account fo the uncertainty of the steamship lines which ply between this port and Demerara.


Mowatt kicked off for the visitors at 4.55 p.m. and exchanges were even for a few minutes. Cipriani made the first dangerous attack but was held up by Simpson at the visitors' goal mouth. The Demerara goal however was still in danger until Seedorf the Guianese brilliant centre-half who was playing at right back cleared. Both sides attacked persistently and some even play followed. The front line of both teams strove hard to notch the initial goal of the match. Brummell, however, got in a useful shot from the left. Todd blocked, but before he could clear Norton, who is ever watchful lost no opportunity and scored from close range. Trinidad tried hard to equalize but Seedorf and Simpson defied several well tried efforts by Cipriani, de Verteuil, Grell and Eccles, until Referee Jackson announced half-time. Scores:—Demerara 1; All Trinidad 0.

Profiting by the change on the resumption of play, the Trinidad forwards made several desperate attacks and gave the Guianese defence a very warm time. King, however rose to the occasion and having checked the danger sent out to Middleton. Owen intercepted and fed Sorzano, but the latter only muddled what was indeed a fine pass. This same player again spoilt what appeared to be an ideal chance of equalizing from a pass by Cipriani. Play continued at mid-field for some time, Jones, the visitors' left half got in contact with one of the opposing players and play was in consequence delayed by a slight injury. Cipriani and de Verteuil made several fine tries but luck was against him; the former in trying to land in the corner of the net, struck an upright, the ball rebounding into play; the latter on the other hand invariably shot a trifle too high. Norton joined his side's defence and helped to resist the attacks of the Trinidad forward line. Exchanges soon ran from end to end. the home team although straining every nerve to equalize had to content themselves with the defeat by the only goal of the match, when the Referee's whistle announced the end.


Demerara.—Fletcher (goal), Seedorf and Simpson (backs), Abraham, King and Jones (half backs), Middleton, Hamel-Smith, Mowatt, Norton and Brummell (forwards).

All Trinidad.—J. B. L. Todd (goal), Anderson and V. Maingot (backs), A. McCracken, J. H. Hoadley and G. D. Owen (half backs), W. H. Eccles, N. Grell, M. Cipriani, L. de Verteuil and L. Sorzano (forwards).

Referee:—T. Jackson; Linesmen:—Sergt. Links, and J. R. Rochford.