Intercolonial Football

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette


The football match between representative teams of the Shamrock and the Georgetown Football clubs was played yesterday afternoon at the St. Clair Oval and resulted in an easy win for Shamrock who scored four goals as against their adversaries one. Although a slight breeze prevailed throughout the afternoon it was not so pronounced as in the previous matches and the conditions of the ground was all that could be desired. The game throughout was interesting to watch and the play, which was good in the first half, became positively brilliant after the interval. The Shamrock men attacked persistently but the visitors' defence in the first half was sound. However, when the home team had once gained the lead the visitors fell to pieces and doing much as they pleased the Shamrock eventually gained the verdict by four goals to one. The final match of the Tournament will be played to-day between All Trinidad and Demerara and although the visitors have had a pretty rough time of it up to now they are sure to give a good account of themselves.


Mowatt, the visitors centre-forward started the ball a rolling at 4.55 p.m. in the direction of the Northern Goal. Play continued at mid-field until the Shamrock left winger got possession and took the ball along the line. His movement was nicely checked by Norton the visitors inside left who played at right back in place of his captain. Seedorf got possession and sent out to King who partnered Brummell on the left, but on the latter becoming dangerous he was fouled by A. Maingot the Shamrock right back. From the resulting free kick King dropped the ball accurately in front of the goal which J. de Verteuil fisted out. Play continued even until Norton [illegible] got possession and bringing his sprinting ability to bear got pass of Simpson, and drawing Fletcher out of goal netted the ball beautifully in the corner of the net after sixteen minutes of play. From the kick-off the visitors tried hard to equalize. Seedorf tested de Verteuil with a long shot which the latter found no difficulty in saving. A ruch took the ball to the other end where Hamel-Smith on the wing centered and Simpson cleared beautifully. Demerara then made several fine rushes in the Shamrock territory where Middleton, Mowatt, and Seedorf tested seriously but failed to equalize after [illegible] minutes of play. When the team had crossed King and Norton took up their original positions at right back and inside-left respectively. Shamrock kept up the pressure and L. de Verteuil tested Fletcher with an easy shot which the latter saved. Norton looked dangerous at this stage but was nicely intercepted by A. Maingot. Seedorf however, was at hand and dribbling prettily between several of his adversaries again got his inside left Norton agoing, the latter tested J. de Verteuil. L. de Verteuil retaliated and drove hard over the bar. The Demerara forward line then made a serious attack on Shamrock goal where Norton, Middleton and Mowatt tested J. de Verteuil whose style of goal keeping is completely different to what is usually seen. In his eagerness to clear the goalkeeper ran out and joining in the scrimmage left the goal unprotected. Mowatt lost no chance and equalized for the visitors about midway in the second half. Both sides then redoubled their efforts and Shamrock gained several corners which produced nothing tangible. The ball was soon carried to the Shamrock end by Brummell where A. Maingot conceded a corner. This also proved fruitless. Cummings and de Verteuil next attracted the spectators by single-handed efforts up-field but shot wide. The latter however soon got past Fletcher with a high shot. Shamrock then increased the lead from a penalty for hands against King. Seedorf then took Fletcher's place at goal but L. de Verteuil welcomed the new custodian with a low shot and before many minutes had elapsed scored his third consecutive goal from a fine centre by Cummings with a high shot that gave Fletcher no chance to save. Towards the concluding stages the visitors made desperate efforts to secure a goal but J. de Verteuil rendered all their effort futile. Nothing further being scored the end was announced with the score standing at Shamrock 4, Demerara 1.

The following are the teams:

Shamrock:—J. de Verteuil, (Goal), A. Maingot, V. Maingot, N. Betancourt, D. Sorzano, V. X. de Verteuil, N. Taitt, J. Penalosa, C. Cummings, L. de Verteuil and A. Hamel-Smith.

Demerara:—Fletcher (Goal), Norton, Simpson, Abrahams, Seedorf, Jones, Ewart, Middleton, Mowatt, King and Brummell.


The return match between Demerara and Trinidad will come off at 4.45 p.m. to-day at the St. Clair Oval when the following will represent Trinidad.

J. H. L. Todd (Capt.) goal, D. M. Anderson and V. Maingot (backs), A. McCracken, J. H. Hoadley and G. D. Owen (half-backs), W. H. Eccles, N. Grell, M. Cipriani, L. de Verteuil and L. Sorzano (Forwards), Reserves, P. Eckel, G. Dawson, J. McLelland and H. Bullock. Referee—T. Jackson, Linesmen—Sergeant Link and J. R. Rochford.