Intercolonial Football

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette


Anticipating a good game, a select crowd wended its way the St. Clair Oval yesterday to witness the very excellent struggle for supremacy between a representative team of this colony and the formidable combination of footballers from the magnificent Province who are the guests of the Clydesdale Club. With the weather again gloriously fine, the ground hard and fast and the teams evenly matched, the spectators looked forward to an excellent exhibition of the winter game and in this they were not disappointed, for under such conditions the on-lookers are bound to reap the benefit by seeing the game fought out at high pressure from beginning to end. That they were fully able to appreciate the niceties of the play as amply borne out by the unbounded enthusiasm and ecstacies of delight which followed a brilliant bit of combination or a well directed effort on the part of any of the players. Like the previous day, a strong cross wind was again in evidence, but as it continued throughout the afternoon, neither side was at disadvantage. The score, 3 goals to 1 in favour of the home team, gives a true impression of the fun of the play and it cannot be denied that the home team was a much better balanced side, being greatly superior in defence, whilst their forwards were more dangerous when attacking. The Demerara men were clever in working openings but their forwards frittered away their chances by wild shooting and hesitation. Their inside trio, however, displayed capital understanding and the combination of Seedorf, Norton and Fletcher was at times pretty as well as effective. Although by no means the beat team available to the colony; seeing that such fine players as Don Anderson, John Penrich, Frank Eckel and Percy Taylor were overlooked, the team that did battle yesterday for Trinidad came up to expectations and after getting the first goal were easily masters to the end. This proves that the Selection Committee in their wisdom aimed more at combination than anything else, a factor which had the desired effect inasmuch as every player justified his selection and aided materially in the victory. On the other hand, it must be said to the credit of the visitors that although they were beaten, they have nothing to be ashamed of, inasmuch as they strained every nerve to avert defeat and played to the last with a determination and dash that won the admiration of the on lookers. The main reason of their downfall was the weak display of their forward line and the absence of a reliable goal-keeper. On the other hand their half-backs proved a most brilliant combination and so well did they serve the forwards in front of them that the home defence had an exceedingly warm time of it. Todd kept goal excellently all the way through, two of his saves in the first half being masterly. Willie Eccles was for too clever for the visitors and Cipriani who seemed to have fallen off considerably was always eager to go for the man with the ball although he was a bit selfish and dribbled too far up field. To-day the visitors will engage a team selected from the ranks of the Shamrock Football Club.


At 4.50 p.m. the sides lined up and the kick of was made by Cipriani for the home team in the direction of the visitors' goal at the southern end. Rochford got possession and passed to Eccles on the wing, but the ball went over the line. From the throwing Seedorf got possession and sent out to Mowatt, the latter however shot wide and nothing resulted. On Todd kicking out, Hamel-Smith accepted a pass form de Verteuil where King saved admirably from a beautiful centre by the St. Mary's pupil. M. Cipriani then became dangerous, but what appeared to be a rosy chance of scoring the first goal of the match, Ewart converted to a waste much to the applause of the onlookers. Brummell and Norton together took the ball to the other end, the latter testing Todd with a fine shot. De Verteuil got possession from a pass and getting past King, the visitors' right back, registered the first goal of the match at 5.00 p.m. with a low shot which Ewart failed to reach. The latter, who had sustained an injury to his wrist in trying to save, retired for a few minutes, and Fletcher was deputed to take up his position at Goal. Soon after, however, Rochford welcomed the new custodian with a hot shot which the latter failed to reach. The homesters continuing the campaign in the visitors' territory assaulted furiously until Seedorf relieved the situation by heading out and conceding a corner to his adversaries. Ewart who was absent for about 8 minutes returned at this stage and took up his position on the right wing. After some play had been witnessed, Seedorf, the best of the visitors' half-backs, dribbled past sever of All Trinidad's defence and finding himself hard, pressed passed to Ewart who centered beautifully. Dawson miskicked and Norton profiting by this lost no time in registering the first goal of the match for the visitors at 17 minutes past five with a fine shot in the corner of the net. This incident naturally aroused much enthusiasm among the spectators. Both sides then redoubled their efforts and the play became fast and furious. The Georgetown quintette got going again and gave the Dawson-Brierly combination a hard time to dislodge the ball from within the precincts of their territory. With the score standing at Trinidad 2, Demerara 1, the whistle sounded for half-time.

On the resumption of play interesting football was witnessed on both sides. Mowatt and Norton tested Todd seriously but the latter regaining his original form found no diffculty in clearing. Norton soon after shot wide; and gave the homesters a goal kick. Hoadley who was doing excellent work throughout sent out to Hamel-Smith but the latter wasted a fine effort. Seedorf then tested Todd. Cipriani then became dangerous and dribbling past Abrahams, Seedorf, King and Simpson seemed certain to score but Fletcher was yet to pass, losing no time, the last named player rushed out of goal an checked the brilliant centre forward in the eve of shooting. Play after this was interesting to watch, exchanges being even until Seedorf fed Norton who sent in a high shot but Todd just reached in the nick of time and saved amidst the plaudits of the spectators. Cipriani who seemed eager to score continued one of this nice runs up field but Rochford interfered and was in consequence ruled off-side. The visitors however were not yet entirely out of danger, de Verteuil finding the net for the second time. The end came soon after with the score standing at Trinidad 3;—Demerara 1.


All Trinidad—J. B. L. Todd, (Capt), Sergt. Dawson, F. N. Brierly, J. H. Hoadley, A. McCracken, G. D. Owen, W. H. Eccles, J. R. Rochford, M. Cipriani, L. de Vereuil and A. Hamel-Smith.

Demerara—Ewart, King (Capt), Simpson, Middleton, Seedorf, Abraham, Mowatt, Fletcher, Jones, Norton and Brummell. Mr. F. J. Leotaud perfomed the duties of Referee.


The following will represent the Shamrock Football Club at the St. Clair Oval to-day. Kick off at 4.45 p.m. precisely.—

J. de Verteuil—Goal, A. Maingot, V. Maingot—Backs; N. Betancourt, D. Sorzano and V. X. de Verteuil—Halves; N. Taitt, J. Penalosa, C. Cumming, L. de Verteuil, and A. Hamel-Smith—Forwards; L. Sorzano, A. Pereira—Reserves and E. Pitts, Referee—Linesmen J. E. Scheult and A. J. Collier.