Intercolonial Football

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette


The second match of the Football Tournament was played yesterday afternoon at the St. Clair Oval between representative teams of the Georgetown Football Club, Demerara, and the Casuals of Trinidad. The fact that the Clydesdale were completely outclassed by the visitors' first game Monday last, caused the match yesterday to be anticipated with considerable interest and it was not surprising to see a large attendance at the Oval when the game started at 4.50 p.m. The weather was ideal and the conditions favourable; the only real drawback being a strong cross-wind in the beginning of the game and towards its concluding stages. The meeting of the League Champions with the Demerara representatives was looked forward to with great interest and speculations were rife as to the ultimate result of the battle. The Casuals, however found no difficulty in defeating their opponents, who, despite the fact that they were without the services of a goal keeper (Ewart of Clydesdale very kindly adapting himself to the situation) made some well intentioned but unsuccessful efforts at Casual's goal.

That they failed was not surprising, Casuals were the better balanced team from start to finish and fully deserved their lead at the interval. After the teams had crossed, the play, which was good at the beginning became positively brilliant. Demerara attacked persistently but the Casuals defence was sound and but for the fact that Abrams and Rochford were inclined to play off-side, the score in favour of the home team would have been considerably augmented. The visitors possess some brilliant footballers, Middleton at right-half, Seedorf at centre, Mowatt on the right wing and Norton and Brummell on the left are the pick of a very clever combination. Seedorf is undoubtedly a fine player but he should mark his opposing centre forward more often instead of joining his line. Brummell and Norton often swept down the field at a great pace but they never succeeded in passing Eckel, the Casuals' custodian, who fisted out and cleared in a most praiseworthy manner. The match between Shamrock and Demerara has been postponed in view of the possibility of the visitors being compelled to leave on Saturday. To-day at 4.45 p.m., All Trinidad will try conclusions with Demerara and a good game is confidently anticipated.


Precisely at 4.50 p.m., the sides lined up and the kick-off was made. Casuals who played one man short until the arrival of Legge fifteen minutes after, chose the Southern goal with the wind all against them in the opening stages of the game. The visitors goal-getters started on a hot campaign and aided by the wind soon began beating the League winners' defence. Brummell and Norton who did most of the attacking, combined well and their play although uneffective was very pretty to watch. Owen forced a corner which proved fruitless. The "Maroons" goalkeeper having kicked out Frank Brierly got possession, and after taking the ball perilously near the visitors' goal lost what was indeed a glorious opportunity to score. Legge arrived at this stage only to witness the initial goal of the match being registered by his colleague John Rochford, who again came within an ace of scoring on going over, the ball rebounding off the goal-post. Seedorf the visitors' centre-half got possession from the clearing and sent it out to Jones, who along with Norton and Fletcher made a determined effort to secure a goal, but Eckel at goal frustrated their plans by saving brilliantly. Brummell and Norton again made a fine rush but were nicely intercepted by Don. Anderson who sent out to Frank Brierley; the latter lost no time, and sprinting past King with the ball at his toes, registered the second goal of the match at 20 minutes past 4 o'clock, with a fast, high shot that gave Ewart no chance to save. Towards the end of the first half, the visitors centre forward Jones, missed a fine chance of scoring from a centre by Brummell who played excellent football through out. Halftime was then announced with the score standing at Casuals 2; Demerara 0; At the resumption of play Frank Brierly changed with Abrams at left half who now played centre-forward vice John Rochford. The game opened fast and furious and the ball travelled from end to end with great rapidity. The visitors right Fletcher and Mowatt together with Seedorf at centre-half, making some desparate attacks which were rendered futile by the Casuals defence. Neville Grell, at inside-left made one of his characteristic nice runs along the wings and having passed King at back shot, but Ewart saved. The ball however was soon returned by John Rochford who proved beyond doubt what a splendid opportunist he is by centering beautifully the ball finding the net off Abrams who was ruled off-side. Ewart having cleared, Jones got possession and together with Seedorf made a dangerous attack. McCracken robbed and fed W. H. Eccles who outclassing Abrams draw Ewart out of goal with a fine centre when Grell netted without much difficulty. During the concluding stages of the game, John Rochford again found the net amidst applause from the "Maroon" supporters. The visitors left back on tackling was slightly injured and play was delayed a few seconds in consequence. Soon after, the Referee's whistle announced the end with the score standing at Casuals 4—Demerara 0.

The following are the teams:—

Casuals:—F. E. Eckel (goal), D. M. Anderson and L. Abrams (backs), E. M. Legge, A. McCracken and G. D. Owen (half-backs), W. H. Eccles, J. R. Rochford, N. Grell, F. N. Brierly (captain) and G. Brierly (Forwards).

Demerara:—Ewart (Goal), King (captain) and Simpson (Backs), Middleton, Seedorf and Abraham (Half-backs), Mowatt, Fletcher, Jones, Norton and Brummell (Fowards).

Mr. A. B. Knowles acted as Referee and Messrs E. J. Smith and A. J. Collier, Linesmen.


The Shamrock match against the Demerara team having been postponed to a later date, the team selected to represent Trinidad to-day is as follows:

J. B. L. Todd (Goal), Capt., Sergt. Inst. Dawson and F. N. Brierly (Backs), J. H. Hoadley, A. McCracken and G. D. Owen (Half-backs), W. H. Eccles, J. R. Rochford, M. Cipriani, L. de Verteuil and A. Hamel-Smith (Forwards). Reserves:—F. Eckel, D. M. Anderson, C. Green, N. Grell and G. Rochford. Mr. Felix Leotaud will act as referee.