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Port-of-Spain Gazette


Mr. J. N. Hamlyn's launch was placed at the disposal of the reception party to bring ashore the Demerara footballers by the s.s. "Oruro" yesterday morning. The party comprised Messrs. T. Boyd, Alec. Russell, F. Leotaud, A. Johnstone and Hoadley. The personnel of the team was given in yesterday's telegrams. Yesterday the visitors had some practice on the Clydesdale ground.


The Canadian steamer "Oruro," 1,249 tons, Captain Bale, arrived yesterday from Demerara after a run of 36 hours with 900 bags rice and 28 passengers. Messrs. Gordon Dick, H. G. Seedorf, M. Cuffe, L. M. Walsh, G. H. May, A. G. King, C. H. Jones, D. Middleton, D. Mowatt, C. H. Brummell, H. E. Wharton, K. Simpson, T. H. Worth, Mrs. Alice Cheong and child and 13 deckers. The steamer leaves at 8.43 a.m. to-day for Canada via the Northern Islands with 300 bags cocoa for Montreal, 10 bags cocoa for Halifax and the following passengers: [excerpt]

The practice match between representative teams of the Shamrock and Clydesdale Football Clubs was played yesterday afternoon on the former's ground and resulted in a win for the Shamrock who scored two goals as against their adversaries nil. The goals were shot by Messrs L. Sorzano and L. de Verteuil. Two of the Demerara players took part in the game, one playing at outside right for Clydesdale and the other inside left for Shamrock.