Intercolonial Football

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

A week from to-day, says the Demerara "Argosy" of January 28th, the team of footballers, which the Georgetown Football Club is sending over to play a series of matches in Trinidad, sails by the C.M.S. "Oruro" for the island. As has been stated more than once before, various circumstances have combined against the team being as representative of the club's playing strength as desired, several of the best players being unable, from one cause or another, to make the trip. And unless one or two employers come to the aid of the selection committee, and of sports generally, the team will be even weaker yet, and will stand a very poor chance of victory in the tournament. Trinidad has just "wiped out" a local team in the cricket tournament. which came to an end yesterday, and every effort should really be made by us on this side to retrieve, or help in retrieving, by this football tournament, some of the honour which has been lost at the other game. The team for Trinidad is now all but complete, everything now depending upon favourable replies in respect to two players. The team (with two reserves) which has been chosen is as follows:—H. P. McInroy, J. C. Brummell, J. Ross, D. Mowat, D. T. Middleton, J. Bell, G. Sampson, W. Fletcher, H. G. Seadoff, C. H. Jones, A. G. King, A. Evelyn and F. July.

With exception of Bell who is from Leonora and Evelyn, the other players have definitely decided to go. With the two particularly mentioned, the difficulty which create a doubt as to their being able to go is the obtaining of necessary leave from their employers. One hopes that when it is seen now necessary these two good players are to the team, if it is to make anything of a show in Trinidad, the employers in question will withhold their consent no longer, but, entering into the spirit of the thing, and, with sportmanlike condescension, afford these players the necessary opportunity of accompanying the team. In the case of Evelyn especially, we truest that leave will be granted to him, for the team without him will be sadly weak in its defence, and will be without a regular and capable full back. With Evelyn, however, the defence will be considerably strengthened and some measure of success may then reasonably be expected.

Mr. Alexander Russell, President of the G.F.C., left for Trinidad by C.M.S. "Sobo," which sailed on Wednesday afternoon, for the purpose of making the necessary arrangements, for the accommodation of the team, and in the other respects of the tournament. He was accompanied by Mr. W. Fletcher, who is one of the members of the local team.