Bonanza Cup Final

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

Casuals Defeat Shamrock 1-0, and Became the Winners.

The final match in the Bonanza Cup Competition—Shamrock v Casuals, was played on the Casuals' [sic, Clydesdale] ground yesterday afternoon, and resulted in a win for the Casuals (by one goal to nil), who thus became the winners of the Cup. With ideal weather conditions prevailing, and with the Competition at such an interesting stage, there was needless to say a mammoth crowd in attendance. His Excellency the Governor, accompanied by his A.D.O., Captain Andrews, viewd the game right through. With several men on the injured list the Shamrock team was scarcely recognizable. Miller, V. Maingot and L. Quesnel coming in to the team, while Cumming resumed his old place at half back and B. Warner, Alonzo and C. Pollonais stayed inside left, centre and inside right respectively. Play was of high order right through, and both sides may be said to have played equally well. While Eccle worked hard for the winners, for Shamrock Peroy Eckel and Cumming showed up, particularly well. The only goal of the match was shot by G. Rochford just before half time. Mr. D. S. Cousins performed the duties of referee, and Messrs. [illegible] and Pass, those of linesmen. The following, are the details of the game:—


Shamrock kicked off toward the Western goal and soon after Alonzo tried a shot which Dewhurst saved. A corner followed in Casuals' area which was taken by L. Quesnel but yielded nothing. Soon after the ball was ruched to the Shamrocks' goal but the Maroon forwards failed to convert. Shamrock were doing all the pressing, the play being almost entirely confined to their opponents' area. Eccles on wing next tried a pretty shot which went wide and Rochford also had a good shot a goal. Soon after shamrock yielded a corner, which Eccles took; but nothing resulted. Some good play followed in the Casuals' half, where the Shamrock forwards pressed repeatedly. [illegible] the Casuals' backs cleared. From a pass at midfield from Cumming, R. Quesnel tried to score but was frustrated. From a throw in the Shamrock's area, G. Rochford became dangerous but Maingot headed out; and from a throw in by Cumming in the Casuals' half, Bushe took the ball up with a run but Legge kicked out. A few seconds later J. Rochford was pulled up for offside with the ball near the Shamrock's goal. Casuals now commenced to press a little, and Crawford from the right wing tried a shot which Miller ran out and saved.. From a kick by Grant at mid field, Miller had again to save—an easy one. Soon after from a throw in, Ribeiro tested him with a good grounder about 20 feet from goal but he rose to the occasion and cleared. L. Quesnel then lost a good opportunity of scoring, falling, just when about to shoot. Immediately after R. Quesnel on the other side tested Dewhurst with a hot one, but the latter saved. After some even play, the ball was transferred to the Shamrock's half. Cumming repeatedly checked Ribeiro who passed to Eccles, the latter tried a good shot which Legge cleared. From the rebound Eccles passed to G. Rochford the latter finding the net at close range, amid great applause. Half time sounded immediately after with the score Casuals 1, Shamrock 0.


At the resumption J. Rochford passed to G. Rochford and soon after "hands" was awarded midfield, against Fraser. The ensuing free kick taken by Cumming yielded nothing and during some play which followed in the Shamrock's half Warner received injuries which caused him to leave the field. From mid field Pollonais took the ball and succeeded in send a good shot which Dewhurst cleared. Soon after both Legge and L. Quesnel made good efforts to score but their efforts proved futile. From some play which followed Casuals yielded a corner. R. Quesnel took the kick but Grant headed out. Cumming next showed up prominently, by constantly keeping G. Rochford harmless, and shortly after Pollonais tried to dribble up field but was checked. R. Quesnel then made an attempt at goal but shot high and Eccles was pulled up for offside. From the wing G. Rochford tried a beauty, which Miller in trying to save fell and Eccles made another fruitless attempt to score. Casuals soon afterwards yielded a corner which R. Quesnel took but nothing resulted. Soon after Shamrock yielded a corner, which went a-begging. Casuals soon afterwards pulled up fro offside and some very exciting play followed in the Casuals' half. From a pass L. Quesnel got possession and centred, Pollonais tried to find the net with the ball but Dewhurst rushed out to clear and fell. He however managed to save. A corner resulted which was taken by R. Quesnel, but yielded nothing. From the play which followed Alonzo came within an ace of scoring, but Dewhurst saved. L. Quesnel took a corner kick which followed. From the Shamrock's half Ribeiro passed to Eccles. He however, was too sharply followed by Legge who spoiled his shot; and Miller saved. Legge who it appeared had received some injuries in frustrating Eccles' effort, now left the field. From the wing G. Rochford passed to Bushe who tried a good one but Miller cleared. Casuals pressed repeatedly now, but Lange cleared on every occasion, taking the ball to Casuals area where they yielded a corner. This kick taken by L. Quesnel, like the others produced nothing. From midfield Cumming passed to L. Quesnel who was too closely followed to do anything. With a combined rush the Casuals' forwards took the ball to their opponents' area where they tried to score, and the whistle sounded with the score unchanged, Casuals 1—Shamrock 0.


The match being over, the members of both clubs assembled on the Southern side of the field before His Excellency the Governor, who addressing the Captain of the Casuals, Mr. McCracken, said it was a most pleasant duty to him to present the Cup to the winners of the match. It was equally contested by both sides for he was sure that everybody would agree that it was a well played game. He had never witnessed a better played match and there was little to choose between the two teams. He was sorry that the Shamrocks lost tow of their men during the match. That no doubt had hampered them, but the spirit of the game was carried on right through. Turning to Mr. Legge the Shamrock's Captain who had just come up, His Excellency repeated his remarks, that the game was evenly played. Continuing, he said he was sorry that thye had had one deserter—one runaway—who he was sorry was no there—the donor of the cup—Mr. Smith, who should have been standing by him on his side. They all felt grateful to him—that sportsmen—for the encouragement he gave to football. His Excellency then presented the Cup to Mr. McCracken amid much cheering.

Mr. McCracken in reply, thanked His Excellency very much. It was not easy to win the Cup, he said, for they had to beat three of the hardest teams, who had tried to get it, and now that the Casuals had the Cup they would do their best to keep it.

At the call of Mr. Archie Collens, 3 cheers were given for His Excellency.

At the call of the Shamrock's Captain, 3 cheers were also given for the Casuals who returned the compliment.