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Port-of-Spain Gazette


Planters defeated Southern at Paradise Pasture on Wednesday afternoon by scoring two goals during the first half of play to which Southern responded with a goal, and by adding another goal in the same half, with Southern answering never a word. There was a big crowd on witnessing the contest, and Souther lacked that dash and combination so characteristic of themselves. Persons wondered whether Casuals F.C. may not be responsible for this, because last season Southern stood in the vanguard of the Football arena in San Fernando and in Port of Spain as well. It was as much as Russell could do during the first half to protect the Southern goal from Planters constant assaults, and but for the fact of his falling down in the attempts to rescue his charge, the score might now be different, for Russell is not a bad goal keeper on the whole, it will be remembered Mitchell was entrusted with guarding Southern's eastern goal during the second half, and he did it well, notwithstanding the Planters attacks were none the less vigorous and persistent now than they were in the earlier half of the game. But Southern played under the disadvantage of being two men short, which must be taken into the account. But there was something about Planters' third and final goal that is worthwhile recording, as it provoked a good deal of merriment. The ball was kicked by one of Planters in the direction of Southern's net. Mitchell rushed at it and kicked, but he fell with the ball near his side. A group of about ten of the opposing factions dashed to the spot some of them tumbling headlong over the prostrate Mitchell, who was trying hard to scramble on to this legs once again. Here a series of short hurried kicks backward and forward began right in the teeth of Southerns' goal posts, and anxiety ruled supreme in the mix. Ultimately, a Planters man, with an oblique kick sent the ball whizzing through the net. (Prolonged and thunderous cheering from the crowd.) But meanwhile Mitchell had got on to his pedal members, limping, and if to show the he was not [illegible] dismayed by so small a matter, declared that somebody must have fouled him. Planters 3, Southern 1. Mr. H. Douglin refereed, and Messrs. A. Henderson and George Lawrence did the lining.


The following will represent Mascot at Paradise Pasture, beginning at 4.30 p.m. precisely, against Planters in the Gopaul Cup Competition:—

Goal—G. Liddelow.
Backs—L. Applewhaite and A. Spooner.
Half-Backs—A. Convey, N. McLean and J. Seales.
Forwards—P. Webb, R. Soodeen, E. Crawford, A. Gopaul and H. Supersad.
Reserve—E. Elcock and K. Grant.