Yesterday's Cup Match

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

Casuals v Clydesdale

Shamrock ground was literally packed with spectators yesterday afternoon, when the match between Clydesdale and Casuals, in connection with the Bonanza Cup, was commenced. The reputation of both teams had already preceded them and a good game was anticipated. In this the spectators were not disappointed insomuch as the football was of a high order from beginning to end. From the very beginning play was brisk until the referee's whistle announced the end. The game was practically a battle between two styles. The Casuals depended chiefly on their formidable forward line, whilst the Clydesdale's main strength was in their back division. The game resulted in a victory for the Casuals by a narrow margin of one goal to nil. Mr. Mikey Cipriani was entrusted with the whistle, and Messrs. N. Warner and P. Cummings did service as linesmen.


Both teams turned out as pubished and precisely at the time appointed Clydesdale set the ball a-rolling towards the southern goal. It was obvious from the start that neither side intended to take any chances, all the players exhibiting the greatest amount of caution. Each attacked persistently, with the result that the ball travelled from end to end without anything tangible happening. There was some individual cleverness but on the whole, the game in the first half was even, and neither side succeeded in scoring up to half time.

At the restart Peck fouled McCracken but the resulting kick produced nothing. A rush to Casuals' end and Dewhurst cleared. The Casuals' forwards made a good combined effort but the ball went out of play. Clark tested Dewhurst from long range, soon after Hoadley made a fine try at goal. The game at this stage was very slow, neither side using enterprising methods. Some interesting play followed in front of Casuals' goal but Evelyn sent the ball out with a high kick. Foul throw by Forbes and Johnson kicked out just as the Casuals' forwards were getting dangerous. Peck and Cousins combined well and the former came within an ace of scoring. Exchanges were even after this. Ribeiro go possession on the wing and centered well but Johnson averted the danger. The Clydesdale men then made a desperate rush to their opponent's end but Grant spoilt the movement by kicking over the bar. This was considered a [illegible] his chance. Evelyn then came into prominence, getting possession in midfield; this player dribbled neatly up-field and succeeded in passing McCracken. He was however robbed soon after and the ball was dispatched to the Clydesdale end. The first and only goal of the match was now scored. Johnson conceded a corner which was taken by W. Eccles. The latter centered well, dropping the ball accurately in front of Clydesdale's goal. Foster lost no opportunity and rushing in headed the ball straight into the net amidst applause from the spectators—Casuals 1 goal, Clydesdale 0. The Scotsmen tried hard to equalise and Johnson took up Clarke's position in the forward line. The change was at once effective, for with a determined rush the Clydesdale forwards took the ball perilously near Casuals' goal. Cousins played well but Dewhurst rendered his effort futile by kicking out. Some even play followed and Casuals gained two successive corners. The first nearly proved expensive for Clydesdale but the second went a begging. Another attempt was now made by Clydesdale forwards to avert defeat. Johnson made a single-handed effort and succeeded in passing the backs but shot feebly into Dewhurst's hands.

The whistle found Clydesdale pressing hard and nothing further being scored. Casuals were left the victors by one goal to nil.