Football: Bonanza Cup

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

Southerners and Casuals Tie.
Game to be Replayed.

Under favourable weather conditions, the first of the series of matches for the Bonanza Cup was played on the Casuals ground yesterday afternoon. The game which, so to speak, ended in a draw, was an exceedingly exciting and interesting one, and was viewed by a very large number of people. Just a few minutes after 6 o'clock, at the call of time, both sides having one goal each, and it was decided to play an extra 30 minutes. After 10 minutes play (6.11) however, play had to be discontinued on account of failing light, with Casuals leaging. Mr. D. S. Counsins, performed the duties of referee and Messrs. Pech and Leotaud those of linesmen.


Casuals winning the toss gave their opponents the Western goal. Early in the game Ribeiro made a fine try for a goal, but McDonald intercepted. As the result of some combined play, Bennet found the net with a good one, and drew first blood for the visitors. Encouraged by their success the Southerners began to press vigorously. G. Rochford made some brilliant single handed attempts which, however, proved fruitless. Torrence and Taylor then combined nicely and Dewhurst saved a good one from the latter. A foul against the visitors yielded nothing, ans so did a corner against Casuals. Soon after Bennet made a fine effort but shot behind the net. Ribeiro next got possession of the ball and passed to G. Rochford but the latter failed to score at very close range. Ribeiro and G. Rochford again combined nicely and the former sent a good shot from a rebound, but Gibson headed out. Casuals made desperate efforts to equalize and G. Rochford again made a fine attempt to score. The visitors in turn pressed vigorously and Bennett missed the net narrowly. A corner in favour of Southerners yielded nothing; and Eckel in one of his characteristics sharp runs was held up by Gibson. A foul against the visitors was not productive of anything and half time sounded with the score:—Southerners 1—Casuals 0.


At the resumption Casuals redoubled their efforts. Their forwards combined splendidly, but the Southerners defence was good. Agile G. Rochford made a particularly dashing attempt to score but Russell saved. A delay of a couple of minutes occurred owing to the ball lodging in a tree, and from the play which followed the throw in, Eckel made a brilliant effort from mid-field. Both teams now pressed for all their worth. The Casuals forwards made incessant attacks but were repulsed on every occasion by the visitors' backs. Some very brilliant play was now witnessed. Once more G. Rochford tried to equalize for his side and this seemed momently to be realized. At last G. Rochford succeeded in doing so by a brilliant single handed effort amid tremendous applause. Time now sounded with the scores equal. At 6.05 play was resumed for a further 30 minutes, but after 10 minutes play the game had to be discontinued through failing light. Shortly after the start of the extra time, G. Rochford completely beat Russel and set his side leading. Casuals became particularly aggressive and after a goal shot by one of the Casuals players who had been ruled "off side" was disallowed, the game, as stated above was discontinued.