Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

The following will represent Majestic v Shamrock on the latter ground today.

Goal—C. Burnett.
Backs—J. Small and G. Pollard.
Half Backs—G. Branch, P. Roach (capt) and E. Short.
Forwards—C. Prescott, G. Clarke, E. Nelson, T. Sealy, C. Berkeley.
Reserves—S. Stubbs and A. Charles.

The following will play for Shamrock.

Goal—B. A. Warner.
Backs—K. Gordon and C. Llance.
Half Backs—Georgetti, Villaroel and G. Perreira.
Forwards—A. H. Smith, M. Permuy, J. Cummings, C. Pollonais and L. Quesnel.


The match played on Wednesday last at St. Joseph, between the St. Joseph Rangers and Mr. Villaroel's XI resulted in a win for the visitors to the tune of 2 goals to 1. The visitor's team did not turn out as published, Corble and Robert Million, having taken the place of two others. Bertie Warner played in fine fashion, scoring both goals for his side. The only goal for the home team was shot by G. Duprey from a penalty. On the whole the game was very interesting, both sides being evenly balanced.

The duties of referee was performed by Mr. B. Warner.