End of the Football League

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette


The football League came to an end yesterday afternoon when Casuals beat Shamrock to the tune of 5 goals to 1. The game, which proved to be the final, was witnessed by an exceptionally large and enthusiastic crowd. Casuals ground was the venue of the struggle for supremacy between these formidable clubs. Both teams turned out as published, but it was obvious from the start that the absence of de Verteuil in the forward line meant a good deal to Shamrock. The struggle was a keen one from the very beginning, but once Casuals had gained the lead, the Shamrock boys seemed to lose heart and Arthur Maingot at goal was certainly off colour. There was little to choose between the teams so far as the back divisions were concerned. The Shamrock forwards attacked persistently, but threw away many viable chances by hesitating and wild passing. In fact, there appeared to be only two forward in the Shamrock line, and they were Alonso and Warner. Mr. B. Russell of San Fernando was entrusted with the whistle. Unfortunately he was supplied with a stop watch which caused him to announce the interval 8 minutes too soon. The teams were, however, recalled after the mistake had been discovered and everything went well afterwards. The linesmen were Messrs. R. Miller and J. Bode.


Precisely at the appointed time the teams lined up and Shamrock having won the toss, Casuals set the ball a rolling towards the western goal. At the kick off the Shamrock forwards made a bold run but only succeeded in gaining a fruitless corner. On receiving a pass from P. Eckel, Pelham Cumming tested Dewhurst. George Rochford then got possession and made a fine run along the left wing but was pulled up nicely by Eckel and the ball went out of play. The Shamrock forwards again attacked but failed to pass Dewhurst. Errol Knowles then game into prominence by stopping George Rochford just as the latter was getting dangerous. Casuals gained a corner and soon after the initial goal of the match was shot by George Rochford from a centre by Willie Eccles. When the ball was again in play Quesnel had a try at goal. Owen fouled Alonzo and the free kick was taken by Knowles, who shot straight, but Dewhurst saved and cleard.

The second goal of the match was now scored. On receiving a pass from Geo. Rochford, Ribiero by clever dribbling passed the backs and beat Arthur Maingot, with an easy shot. P. Cumming afterwards collided with Fraser and got slightly injured. He was soon on his legs again, however and the game proceeded. Play was carried on for some time in the Casuals half and Referee Russell sounded for half time. It was subsequently discovered that 8 minutes more were necessary and the teams were again called out on the field. There was nothing worth recording during this time except that Vivian Maingot played offside, Alonzo had a try at goal and shot over the bar and during a scrimmage George Rochford came within an ace of scoring. When the teams had crossed, Fraser and John Rochford exchanged places. As in the opening half play was very fast. The third goal in favour of Casuals was scored after a rush to Shamrock's end which resulted in a corner. Eccles got possession on the wing from a pass by Ribeiro and dropped the ball accurately in the goal mouth. In attempting to save Arthur Maingot fisted into the net. Johnstone and Geo. Rochford were afterwards each in turn pulled up for off side. A rush to Casuals end and Dewhurst held the ball. P. Cumming rushed up and charged. They clinched, but only a corner was the result. The fourth goal in Casuals favour was noe scored. From a corner kick Eccles and Johnstone combined well and the former succeeded in finding the net. Another rush by Casuals nearly ended in a goal. Shamrock forwards then made a determined rush in which Cumming succeeded in beating Grant, Fraser and John Rochford. Dewhurst rushed out perilously but fortunately for Casuals the ball went behind. The fifth and last goal in the 'Maroons' favour was shot by Ribeiro in the easiest possible manner. When the ball had been transferred Alonzo and Quesnel lost a glorious opportunity by hesitating. The only goal that went in favour of the Shamrock was shot by P. Cumming about 5 minutes before the end. Nothing further being scored, the Casuals were left victorious by 5 goals to one. The result of the game left Clydesdale the winners of the Shield with 10 points to their credit, followed by Shamrock with 9 and Casuals 6.


The following will represent Majestic vs. Casuals, on the latters ground on the 28th inst.

Goal:—E. Burnette.
Backs:—J. Small, G. Pollard.
Half Backs:—C. Berkeley, A. Charles, G. Branche.
Forwards:—G. Clark, T. Sealy, E. Nelson, E. Short, S. Stubbs.
Reserves:—P. Roach, C. Prescott, and W. Scott.