Southern vs. Brighton

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

It may or may not be that Southern made a resolution to get even with Brighton F.C. for the beating which they gave them at La Brea some weeks ago, but certain it is that they took it out of Brighton in good fashion on the Usine ground last Saturday afternoon. In motors cards and buses, in carriages and in cabs, on horse back, on bicycle and on foot, people found their way on the ground in thousands. There could be no question that Brighton played for all they were worth, and man for man, they compared not unfavourably with the Southern eleven, eliciting outbursts of applause from sheer force of dashing play. But Southern must have made their minds up not to be outdone, for when the referee's whistle announced the close they had accrued three goals to Brighton's nil. It may be mentioned, though, that two of the goals were scored off penalty kicks, while the other goal was made by Taylor. Mr. T. Ironside was the referee. Southern entertained Brighton at dinner at the Railway Bar on Saturday night.