Yesterday's Football

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette


Clydesdale ground was yesterday the scene of the match between Local Forces and Clydesdale and with the weather conditions ideal, the attendance was very good. The teams turned out as published and precisely at the appointed hour, the kick off was made. The football was fast from the very beginning, both side played well but neither could gain any advantage. Gittens made his first appearance this season for the Forces and played in his usual brilliant manner. Exchanges in the first half were fairly even and although both sides pressed hard, the interval was announced without anything being scored. The second half opened even more furious than the first and the ball was transferred from territory to territory without anything happening. Forces had many chances which they threw away by hesitation and wild shooting, especially Gibson who shot twice over the bar. The first and only goal of the match was scored by Scott about 10 minutes before the end in a scrimmage, on receiving a pass from Cousins. Duprey, the Forces custodian, showed an improvement on the whole and saved in a manner that surprised the onlookers. Johnston got possession on coming the end and by clever play managed to find the net, but was ruled offside by the referee.

Gittens made a splendid effort to score but Laver intercepted beautifully and spoilt his chance.

Mr. John Rochford performed the duties of Referee whilst Messrs. McHugh and Fletcher did service as linesmen.


The following will play for the 1st against Shamrock 2nd on Monday 21st:

A. Maingot, R. Maingot, E. Legge, P. Eckle, A. Lange, E. Knowles, B. Warner, L. de Verteuil, P. Cumming, J. Alonso, R. Quesnel.

The following will play for Shamrock 2nd.

B. A. Warner, K. Gordon, C. Llance, O. Perreira, Villaroel, Georgetti, Permuy, J. Cumming, L. Quesnel, C. Pollonais, A. Smith.