Message From The President Of CFU Jack Warner

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

ONCE again, the Shell Caribbean Cup Finals are being held in Jamaica and all indications are that it would even be better than it was in 1991. The Organisation of the event has been more professional and sponsorship has increased for, besides the Title and main Sponsor, Shell, there are other secondary sponsors like Pepsi Cola, the Daily Gleaner, Umbro and BWIA International.

The quality of the teams in the Finals has also improved considerably and, more importantly, the Finals are being played in two venues, the Kingston and Montego Bay areas, and not one as in 1991.

Five years of the Shell Caribbean Cup Competition has seen a dramatic rise in the standard of football in the Caribbean, in the quality of refereeing and coaching and, ultimately, in the level of football administration.

On behalf of the Caribbean Football Union therefore as well as on my own behalf I do wish to thank all those who made this football transformation in the Caribbean possible — Shell Antilles and the Guianas, our main sponsors, and other secondary sponsors as well as the Governments and people of the Caribbean. Special thanks are also extended to the Jamaica Football Federation, without whom this event would not have been possible.

Now let the Football begin and may the best team win.