Yesterday's League Match

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

10 Goals to 1.

It was a forgone conclusion that the Local Forces team would suffer defeat at the hands of Casuals, but not even the most captious critic ever anticipated that the margin would have been anything in the nature of ten goals to one. True, the Forces played only 9 men in the beginning and the wretched state of the ground may have in some degree affected them, but this is certainly no excuse for the poor display they gave. Several good chances were absolutely thrown away by lack of combination, hesitation, and worthless, indiscriminate shooting. The game was played on Shamrock second eleven ground, which, owing to the torrential rain, was converted into a veritable sea of mud. From the very outset it was evident that Casuals were complete masters of the situation. Geo. Rochford from the kick off got possession and breaking through his adversary's defence, scored the initial goal of the match. After this it was a question of "do as you please" so far as the casuals were concerned. "Pope" Bowen and Geo. Rochford threw orthodoxy to the winds and piled on the argony in the easiest possible manner. Between them nearly all the goals scored by Casuals were made and the only player on the Forces' side that scored was Duprey. The game on the whole was as one-sided as the score of ten goals to one indicates. Mr. Felix J. Leotaud acted as referee.