The Shamrock-Clydesdale League Match

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette


Since the beginning of the League, nothing more exciting in the nature of a football match has been witnessed thatn the game played yesterday, on the Clydesdale ground between a team representing that club and an eleven from Shamrock. The teams were evenly matched, and as a natural sequence, play was the highest possible order. In the second half especially, the spectators were kept spell bound until the Referee's whistle broke the tension. Shamrock, having defeated Casuals in a brilliant encounter the previous Wednesday, an interesting game was looked forward to yesterday, insomuch as it had become an open secret that the winner of the match would almost certainly have been the winner of the shield. Each side took no chances by putting their best available team in the field with the result that from the very outset the play was fast. In the first half there was little to choose between the sides. The ball was sent with lightening like rapidity from territory to territory and half time found neither side leading.

When the teams had crossed however both sides redoubled their efforts. The game fluctuated in a most exciting manner until Knowles drew first blood for the Café boys with a masterly shot from the wing which went clear over the goalkeeper's head. Determined to equalise, the Clydesdale men attacked repeatedly but Arthur Maingot, the Shamrock goalie, was never seen to better advantage. He save and fisted out in a manner that won the admiration of the crowd. The Shamrock men too pressed heavily but Evelyn and Clarke at full back were a tower of strength and repeated spoilt their adversaries' chances. Six minutes before the end Forbes equalised for the Clydesdale with a shot which struck the upright and gave Maingot no chance to save. This was the signal for an outburst of enthusiasm from a crowd that was hither to too excited to speak. With one goal to the credit of each side an exceedingly interesting finish was anticipated, but, despite the good football played, the score was not augmented at call of time. Mr. George Rochford acted as Referee. It may be mentioned that the proceeds of a collection made during the match by the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides will in, due course, be handed over to the appeal now being made on behalf of the British Forces engaged at the front.