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Port-of-Spain Gazette

To the Editor of the Port-of-Spain Gazette,

Dear Sir,—The following commendable letter, received from prominent footballers, speaks for itself; and as a preliminary step, the Council has decided to declare the proceeds of to-day's match to be handed over to one of the War Funds, relieving the distress and want of those whose fathers, husbands, or brothers have gone to the front in the hour of Britain's need. The Council hopes that the public will respond to this appeal and give generously according to their means, and at the same time asks the season ticket holders to kindling waive their rights for the occasion.

A patrol of the Port-of-Spain Boy Scouts, under their Scoutmaster, Mr. D'Andrade, will collect inside the ropes, while the Girl Guides will collect from the carriages, motor cars, etc., and from the general public outside,

Yours faithfully,
Hon. Secretary T.A.F.A.

Colonial Secretary's Office Trinidad,
2nd September, 1914.

Dear Sir,—I beg most respectfully to suggest that a portion of the money collected by the Trinidad Amateur Football Association be devoted to one of the Relief Funds that have been opened in the colony.

Footballers in England have gone to the front, and though we in Trinidad may not be required to do likewise, let us show our loyalty by helping to alleviate the sufferings of the relatives of our comrades who are fighting for the Mother Country.

I am,
Yours truly,
The Hon. Secretary,
T.A.F. Association,