Yesterday's League Match

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

An Interesting Game.

What turned out to be the most interesting game of the season was that played yesterday on the Shamrock ground between representative teams of Casuals and Shamrock football clubs. From the very start the game was fought out at high pressure until Referee Cousins sounded his whistle announcing the end. The conditions were not altogether favourable, the ground being wet and the ball slippery. The football was nevertheless very interesting to watch, despite the fact that many of the players frequently came in contact with "mother earth." Casuals, having won the toss, the Shamrock men set the ball in motion towards the northern goal. There was very little to choose between the forward line at the start, but as the game progressed Shamrock asserted their superiority. By combination, concentration and cleverness, they turned the tables completely on their opponents and had the better of the actual play from start to finish. The first and only goal of the match was shot by P. Cummings for the Café boys. De Verteuil got possession and sent the ball actually across to Cummings who by a clever display of dribbling succeeded in passing to Dewhurst, the Casuals' custodian. This happened when the play had been in progress for about 20 minutes. After the interval, the Casuals strove hard to equalize. Their front line made several desperate efforts but was held in check by the Shamrock back division. Arthur Maingot at goal was as usual very brilliant throughout and rendered yeoman service to his side. The play, which was good at the beginning, became positively dashing near the end and the spectators went wild with enthusiasm. The Casuals strained every nerve in their endeavour to equalize but had to be content with defeat in the end, Mr. David Cousins performed the duty of referee, whilst Messrs Cummings and Todd did service as linesmen.