League Football

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

Third [sic, Second] Class Fixtures

[illegible] was played yesterday afternoon on Casual's grounds, and as [illegible] two clubs meet, a most [illegible] was witnessed. The [illegible] proved the better and scored [illegible] their opponents one. Their [illegible] well and kept the [illegible] and their goalie very [illegible] half, no goals were [illegible] middle of the second [illegible] scored two goals in quick [illegible] The first being scored by J. [illegible] Casuals strove hard to equalise [illegible] did not combine effectively [illegible] lost a beautiful chance [illegible] euqal for his side, about [illegible] before the end of play, when [illegible]ing him, he shot high [illegible] of a close distance. Soon [illegible] beat the Shamrock goalie [illegible] and a few minutes [illegible] referee's whistle announced the [illegible] leaving Shamrock victorious [illegible] to one.


[illegible] match between these [illegible] playing on the College ground [illegible] afternoon and resulted [illegible] the College boys by two goals [illegible] score one goal in [illegible] completely outplayed their [illegible].