Football: Bonanza Cup

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Port-of-Spain Gazette


On the Shamrock ground yesterday afternoon the replay match between Casuals and Southerners resulted in a win for Casuals by 3 goals to 1. this match on the Saturday before on Casuals ground, resulted in a draw hence the replay. Considerable interest was centered in this game, and the attendance was a very large one. Play on the whole was very fast, but the superior speed of the Casuals eventually told. In the first half though they pressed slightly more and seemed to have had the better game, their opponents led by one goal to nil. But in the second half their forwards completely outdid their opponents' backs; and the combination of G. Rochford, Foster and Eccles told. G. Rochford was particularly brilliant and so were Crawford and Fraser in their respective spheres. Grant and Owen also played well the former in the first half especially. The visitors' backs worked splendidly for the Casuals score would have been much [illegible] and Melhuish were among the most brilliant players for the visitors, the first named especially proving a thorn in Eccles' side.


Casuals defended the Southern goal. The game was fast from the kick off and Casual with their characteristic tactics began to rush their opponents. They seemed anxious to secure the lead and succeeded in keeping the ball in their opponents' area. At about five minutes from the beginning of play Southerners however, scored. From midfield the ball was taken down with a rush to the Casuals goal. Dewhurst rushed out to save, Melhuish centered and the Southerners drew first blood. Shortly after the ball was taken up to the Southerners' area, but Russell cleared. The forwards of both sides then combined nicely. Twice in succession the Southerners attacked but Grant cleared nicely. The ball was now kept for some time in the Casuals area and twice Dyke tried to score from wing; in saving once Casuals almost yielded a corner. From midfield, Rochford received a pass but was too closely followed and was robbed of the ball. Soon after from a goal kick the Southerner's forwards eluded one of the backs and tried to score but shot outside. Casuals seemed to press more and more and as the result of some combined play Ribeiro passed to Rochford, who shot over the bar. From some play in the Southerner's half they yielded a corner, which Eccles took but Gibson headed out. Some even play followed, the ball being sent from end to end; and Fraser once saved the situation nicely. From a pass received Eccles came within an ace of scoring, but was pulled up for offside. Soon after he tried a good one which went over the bar. Some very exciting play followed near the Casuals goal and twice the visitors nearly scored. At one moment Dewhurst fell but the ball was cleared and a goal resulted. From the kick which Bennett took, Torrence tried to score but Fraser cleared. Two corners resulted in quick succession, which were taken by Dyke and Bennett but they proved fruitless, and half time ended with the visitors pressing in the Casuals area, and leading by one goal to nil.


Casuals began to press and Eccles made a fine run uip the wing but was held up by Gibbon. Foster, Rochford and Eckel now combined nicely and kept the backs busy. The visitors backs however could not be beaten and after a few minutes the ball was sent in the Casuals area from whence it was taken with a rush, to the Southerners' half and Russell was called upon to save a good one. After some even play, from a throw in J. Rochford passed to Eckel who beat the back, and scored amidst applause, from close range—Southerners 1—Casuals 1. Casuals now became more aggressive and G. Rochford and Ribeiro made some bright individual as well as combined efforts to score; from the Casuals area the former took the ball down and came withing a hair's breadth of scoring and so did Eckel a couple minutes later on the other wing. Exciting play now followed in the Southerners area and Casuals seemed every minute on the point of securing a lead. Southerners now seemed to wake up and Crawford, Owen and Fraser had to save several times. From some play at midfield, G. Rochford took the ball and from the wing tried a good shot which Russell saved feebly and Foster kicked in from the rebound amidst much applause thus giving his side the lead—Southerners 1 Casuals 2. From some play which followed Dewhurst had to rush out, and saved nicely. Soon after Eccles got possession and made on of this characteristic runs but Gibbon stuck to him and spoilt his chance. From a pass from Rochford at wing Foster nearly scored a goal the ball going wide. G. Rochford who at this time was particularly brilliant was now fouled by MacDonald. A penalty kick was awarded which G. Rochford took and converted into a goal—Southerners 1 Casuals 3. Grant who in the first half was very brilliant, now again became prominent, and from a pass received from him Foster while making a run was pulled up for offside. Soon after G. Rochford and Crawford each tried a good shot which however did not find the goal. About 2 minutes to the end of play Torrence got slightly injured and play was stopped, to be resumed shortly after. The remaining few minutes play did not however alter the situation and Casuals thus emerged victorious by the tune of 3 goals to nil.

The following will represent Mr. Alonso's team against Arima FC to-day:—

J. Bodu                V. Gullen
N. Warner                  Madoo
O. Pereira              Williams
           Half Backs
E. Knowles             A. Orosco
O. Pagasani            J. Brooks
F. Georgetti             Yaspord
Felix Villaroel        A. Palmer
R. Miller              J. Brooks
J. Cummings           H. Emanuel
J. Alonso            F. Rudolpho
J. Fletcher            M. Cheong

Mr. B. Warner will referee
N.B.—Chairs will be provided for ladies.