Football: Bonanza Cup

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

Clydesdale Defeat Forces by 3 Goals to Nil.

The second of a series of matches to be played for the Bonanza Cup—Clydesdale v Local Forces, was played on the former's grounds yesterday afternoon, and resulting in a win for the Scotsmen by the tune of 3 goals to nil. Todd kept goal in place of Laver. Mikey Cipriani kept goal in place of Duprey, Hernandes (snr.) filling his place. The ground owing to the showers of rain which fell in the course of the afternoon was very fast, and considering the weather, the attendance was fairly large. In the first half the game was pretty even—neither side scoring—and perhaps Forces had the better slightly. In the second half however, Forces crumbled. Their half backs were nowhere and their defense on the whole weakened considerably. As a consequence Mikey, who kept goal was very much overtaxed and was tested repeatedly.


Clydesdale kicked off towards the Eastern goal and the ball was kept to and fro for the following few minutes. From a throw in Duprey passed to Vaucrosson who shot across and Clydesdale nearly yielded a corner. For the next few minutes the ball was kept in the Scotsmen area and Todd was called upon to save a feeble shot from Hernandes (snr.) From the wing G. Hernandes [illegible] a beautiful shot which went across the bar. The Scotsmen now tried a run up the Forces wing which was stopped. Walke headed out a dangerous shot from midfield and Forces becoming aggressive took the ball down with a rush to their opponents side. It was soon returned to the Forces end where a shot at goal was tried from the wing. After some pretty even play Mikey was tested with a rather good shot by Grant which he saved, and soon after Clarke tried a low one which went wide. "Hands" was awarded against Clydesdale (Forbes). Walke took the kick which resulted in nothing. Forces now kept the ball in the Scotsmen area nearly gaining several corners. From a throw in the Forces forwards took the ball down briskly and Todd ran out and saved. Again Todd was tested with a shot from across by Vaucrosson. He saved and a little tustle took place in front of the goal during which Forces forwards made another try and came within an ace of scoring. The ball was now sent to the Forces area where a foul was awarded against them. The resulting kick taken by Miller yielded nothing. After some play at mid field, Forces backs were called upon to clear twice and the Clydesdale forwards were pulled up for off-side. With a rush the ball was transferred to the Scotsmen end where Hernandes tried a beautiful shot which passed near the outer post. Though the visitors were not very aggressive, the homesters who seemed purely on the defensive, now began to attack in earnest, and Mikey was called upon to clear. In doing so again Forces yielded a corner. Nothing resulted however. After some even play, Cousins took the ball from past midfield and tried a long range shot which went high. Clydesdale took the ball up to the Forces area where they were pulled up for off side and a similar thing occurred soon after when Forces were in the Scotsmen area. For the ensuing few minutes play was fairly even and the Referee announced half time with the ball in the Scotsmen area, neither side having scored.


At the resumption Scott went at centre while Clarke went inside right. Clydesdale seemed to press a little and kept the ball for several minutes after the restart in the Forces area. Soon after the resumption, Massy sustained a slight accident to his leg and went out of play. From a throw in the Clydesdale forwards centered but Walke cleared and Duprey took up the ball with a run, but was pulled up. Soon after Pass tried a shot from wing which Mikey saved—the second time since the resumption. Forces now seemed purely on the defensive. From a throw in Walke cleared. Mikey cleared another soon after and amid applause cleared another good one which Scott tried to head in. Shortly after from a small scrimmage he saved twice in succession. The Forces forwards now took the ball up with a run to their opponents' area, but were held up for offside. Forces now redoubled their efforts and kept the ball for some time in the Clydesdale's half where they gained a corner. Vaucrosson took the kick which yielded nothing, Miller clearing. From a throw in Duprey centred, but Forces on the point of shooting were pulled up for offside. With a rush Clydesdale's took the ball down from midfield. Scott tested Mikey with a high one which he saved. Soon after he was called upon to save twice in succession. From some play which followed Grant shot across, Mikey failed to stop it, and thus Clydesdale drew first blood. Clydesdale soon after gained a corner which produced nothing and soon after Grant beat Mikey again with a low shot from across. Clydesdale began to attack repeatedly, and the Forces backs were hard pressed. The ball was continually kept in their area and in saving a goal Mikey yielded a corner. Cousins took the resulting kick, yielded nothing. Forces next took the ball to their opponents' area, and Todd had to run out to save. A corner followed. Rochemont took the resulting kick, Duprey centred, but Evelyn cleared. The ball was now taken down with a rush to for Forces' half where Grant pressed Scott, who found the net, thus registering the third goal for the Scotchmen against their opponents' nil, and the referee's announced the end with the score unchanged.