CONCACAF to begin the year with a flurry of activities

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CONCACAF's New Year begins with much early activity, confirming President Jack Warner's statement: "With more events, more activities, more attention given to our Confederation at home and in the world at large, more planning, more or everything; full of football, work and the pleasure which progress brings."

CONCACAF President Warner's January itinerary reflects the rigorous upcoming 1999 CONCACAF calendar. Mr. Warner begins the year with administrative duties in Trinidad & Tobago in early January, then he travels to Grenada January 9-10 to give the keynote address at the National Sport Awards.

President Warner and General Secretary Chuck Blazer will attend the 1999 Football Expo in Cannes, January 11-14. The Football Expo is a world fair dedicated to football annually bringing together top executives, officials, players, sponsors and others involved in the game. Mr. Blazer will attend the meeting of Confederations General Secretaries January 15 in Zurich.

President Warner ends the month with a FIFA Inspection Visit to Nigeria to oversee the preparations for the 1999 FIFA World Youth Championship to be held in April.