Curacao vs Trinidad

This is a highlight reel from a match played in Curacao in 1947. Trinidad & Tobago lost 0-3 and also lost a subsequent game by 0-4. And this is after T&T thumped Jamaica 6-0.

From an article in the Jamaica Gleaner:

Mr. Richardson said that the Trinidad team went on to Curacao and lost the two matches played there 3-0 and 4-0. Ground conditions there were nothing short of terrible. The ground was a dirt one near to the sea, from where a consistent strong breeze swept across the field. Added to this the Trinidad players were nursing sore feet and pulled muscles in Curacao. Nevertheless the Dutchmen were a very clever lot.

De voetbalwedstrijd Curaçao-Trinidad (3-0) Polygoon Hollands Nieuws, april 1947, zw/w

Voetbalwedstrijd in het Rif-stadion te Curaçao tussen een elftal van dit eiland tegen een elftal uit Trinidad. Elftallen poseren (eerst Trinidad, dan Curaçao); spelfragmenten, afgewisseld met shots toeschouwers.