Manager Upset After D.C. Soccer Play

Moriah L. Redden
Date Published: 
Virgin Islands Daily News

The Maple Upsetters soccer team is back from their three-game tour of Washington, D.C. one victory, two losses and an angry manager-player.

According to Laurence Singh, the Trinidad and Tobago Association host and sponsors of the series, failed to accommodate the team as planned. "We had a game to play against Howard University the day we arrived," said Singh. "We waited and waited at the airport. Finally I called one of the members. He told us to take a bus. We didn't know what bus to take, we didn't know where to go."

Singh said the team members had to call friends and later use their own money for hotel arrangements and transportation.

They lost the game 4-1 to Howard, the former NCAA division I champions. Singh dislike the way play ended but added, "We had no excuse for losing."

Coach Lincoln Phillips of the University executed numerous plays on the Upsetters, Singh said. "We didn't know how to handle those type of things. Their goalie was superb. We had 20 opportunities to score, but he stopped us every time."

The team fell 2-1 to the Junior Sports Club in their final match. "We played by international rules. One stated that only two players, including the goalie can be substituted all their players," said Singh.

The 18-member squad came up with 4-1 winners over the Trinidad and Tobago All-stars. In a cricket match, the Virgin Islands cricket champions topped the Washington D.C. Trindees, 96-92.

As for the 1980-81 St. Thomas soccer season, Singh also expressed impatience. He announced Sept. 27 as the opening date of the league.

"I'm going to call one more meeting," he said. It will be 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Winston Raymo Center. "If no one shows up then I'll reinstate myself as president because we must have a league."

In St. Croix, acting president Victor Rojas also announced plans for a meeting of managers to elect officials. The meeting is scheduled for Sept. 23 at Martin Marietta.