Exotic Football Calypso Of 1953

Edmundo Ros
Date Published: 
Unknown Album

Not me again, that's what I'm thinking.
Sitting in a pub, to do my drinking.
Not me again, that's what I'm thinking.
Sitting in a pub, to do my drinking.
I was having a drink very quietly,
when suddenly some young men came up to me,
they said "Sir! we have never seen you before,
that's why we want you please, to settle this score!"

The talk was: football, football.
The Arsenal: football, football.
The Newcastle: football, football.
Not the Spurs with: football, football.

One said to me, "I tell you truly,
Spurs got a great guy they call Ramsey.
A handsome one, that gives a great turn,
you must have heard his name is Dipsburn."
He called so many names, he had me confused.
But as if a man had released a fuse,
the big guy said "Stop man don't be a fool,
the greatest team in Britain comes from Blackpool!"


He said "My friend I'll give you my views.
We've got a great right winger called Matthews.
He is so fast no one is faster.
Then Mortensen is another master."
And out of the blue came the cutest voice
"There's only one team that makes me rejoice,
nearly every match to date they have won.
My heart is with West Bromwich Albion!"

They continue:

She said "that's a bunch, that go in phases,
they got some guys with the cutest faces."
I heard a shout "Lady, shut your big mouth!
Haven't you heard of the boys from Portsmouth?"
Well, so many teams come up to my ear
Wolves, Huddersfield, Burnley and Aston Villa,
Bolton, Preston, Charlton and problem Chelsea,
I had to leave my drink and run home to tea.