CONCACAF Olympic qualifying tournament

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CENTRAL AMERICAN PRELIMINARY ROUND Four berths have been allotted. Teams will play home and away series. Pairings: Belize vs. Guatemala will play to secure the Central American Team 1 slot (Central 1). Panama vs. El Salvador for Central 3, and Nicaragua vs. Honduras for Central 4. Costa Rica already holds the Central 2 designation. Dates to be announced.

CARIBBEAN PRELIMINARY ROUND Four berths are at stake. Teams will play home and away series. Pairings: Guyana vs. Surinam, and Aruba vs. the Netherlands Antilles. Series winners to play for the Caribbean 1 slot. Haiti vs. Dominican Republic, and Cuba vs. Bahamas. Winners to play for the Caribbean 3 berth. Trinidad & Tobago vs. St. Vincent & Grenadines, and St. Lucia vs. Barbados. Winners to play for the Caribbean 4 berth. Winner of the Dominica vs. St. Kitts/Nevis series will play Jamaica for the Caribbean 2 berth. Dates to be announced.

FIRST ROUND Eleven teams have been divided into three groups. The 12th team, USA, automatically advanced to the final round as host of the Final Qualifying Group.

Qualifying matches to be played at three different venues to be announced. Groups will be designated to play February 16-20, March 1-5, and March 15-19.

Group A: Central 3, Caribbean 3, and Bermuda. One berth to the Final Round to join USA, automatic qualifiers.

Group B: Mexico, Central 2, Caribbean 2, Central 4. Two berths to the Final Round.

Group C: Canada, Central 1, Caribbean 1, Caribbean 4. Two berths to the Final Round.

FINAL ROUND. Six teams divided into two groups of three. Venue: USA, April 1 -9, 1999.

Group D: USA, 2nd Group B, 1st Group C.

Group E: 1st Group A, 1st Group B, and 2nd Group C.